Welcome to The Salvage Revolution

Welcome to The Salvage Revolution. We are part of the repurpose, reclaim, salvage, upcycle, reinvent culture that is evolving in the fashion and decorative arts fields. Our endeavors are not exclusively commercial, we also encourage and inspire dialog among other artisans and collectors who are part of this movement. Conversation topics will be as broad as the horizon and still have connection to fashion, art, design...global awareness...salvaging the planet...

Cause/effect, butterfly/tsunami, six degrees...we will connect the dots. Here's an example with an invitation: As part of The Salvage Revolution launch festivities, we are supporting a local Fashion Revolution event on Monday, April 24, 2017 at 7pm at Sundown at the Granada on the rooftop. Cocktails and consciousness with a screening of the documentary "The True Cost" at 8pm. Admission is free (the cocktails are not) and you are welcome to bring a donation of gently used clothing to benefit Emily's Place. Events raising awareness about the true cost of the clothes we buy are being organized GLOBALLY on this date by people who are part of the Fashion Revolution movement. So, if you're not in Dallas, find an event in your area to participate in!

Any legal or commercial connection between The Salvage Revolution and Fashion Revolution is unintended and purely coincidental. Six degrees.