Validated by Wearing Butterfly Jeans

Our textile embellishment artisan, Marco, was stopped in the supermarket by a group of teenagers admiring the jeans he was wearing. His retelling of the encounter plays like stand-up comedy and would be “lost in translation” in print. In the condensed version, he was wearing our Bright Butterfly Jeans. Originally intended to be marketed as a product for women, he felt it was a flamboyant and risky choice. But, it was to be a day of meetings related to product and marketing, and he had the right shoes and shirt to “pull it off”. Had eight young men dressed in a “gangsta” style approached him on the street, he would have, admittedly, felt some level of threat, but less so in the frozen foods aisle. While posing with these young men as they mugged for each other’s camera phones, Marco was impressed that they were pointing out details to be captured on the jeans. He was floored when one commented that these were [“…ahead of the curve. Not even Gucci has this”]. True story. How much more validation can one expect in life?

While we are honored and deeply humbled to be compared to Gucci in any way, it is appropriate, with respect to the Gucci brand, to explain how we are different. Beside the fact that Gucci is…well, Gucci, the iconic fashion house is building new garments from new (and breathtakingly fabulous) materials. At The Salvage Revolution, we are building with 90% of raw materials being upcycled, salvaged, and repurposed. Another notable difference is that Gucci is currently featuring a lot of embellished “patches” that are finished works of art before being applied to the garment in the construction process. The Salvage Revolution artisans are deconstructing vintage garments and the applique and embroidery art elements are a direct application on garment components before it is reconstructed. A lot of the techniques are the same, the handling is very different.

It probably doesn’t need to be said, our Bright Butterfly Jeans are now available for women and men.