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Vintage American Styling Meets Vintage Indian Saris

Here is an example of upcycled materials and vintage styling being hybridized to create The Salvage Revolution product. Our Sari Shirt is a Bohemian interpretation cut from a combination of five different vintage silk sari prints. Each sari is one-of-a-kind in our collection, yielding a maximum of 10 shirts in one combination. After the sari is sanitized, the shirts are cut one-at-a-time to best engineer print motif placement on each panel. This process is as far removed from “fast fashion” as can be imagined. Salvaged buttons are also utilized. The styling really speaks to the integrity of The Salvage Revolution agenda. From our archive, we have created the pattern for this shirt from a women’s bowling team shirt that probably...

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Validated by Wearing Butterfly Jeans

Our textile embellishment artisan, Marco, was stopped in the supermarket by a group of teenagers admiring the jeans he was wearing. His retelling of the encounter plays like stand-up comedy and would be “lost in translation” in print. In the condensed version, he was wearing our Bright Butterfly Jeans. Originally intended to be marketed as a product for women, he felt it was a flamboyant and risky choice. But, it was to be a day of meetings related to product and marketing, and he had the right shoes and shirt to “pull it off”. Had eight young men dressed in a “gangsta” style approached him on the street, he would have, admittedly, felt some level of threat, but less so...

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