Adam and Eve come full circle

.A significant force behind the artistic mission of The Salvage Revolution has been inspiration from the stories that follow vintage and antique pieces. Whether garments or decorative pieces, we share those legacies among our blog posts, and in some cases, we are adding a new chapter to the lives of the collected items. As a beginning, lets choose Adam and Eve.

The creation of mankind might be interpreted by some as a campy place to begin, and we can’t deny that we enjoy any opportunity to make fun at our own expense. As with any interpretation of the Adam and Eve story, there’s a deep message about all humanity being descended from one family and a reminder that we share one planet. Enough said about that. The message that captivates more attention is about the fall of man and original sin.

For centuries, artists have “hidden behind a fig leaf” telling scriptural tales through artworks that some might argue is a veiled excuse for making naked pictures. After the awakening moment caused by sharing the apple, Adam and Eve cover their nakedness in shame. Who is supposed to be shamed? The artist? The viewer? Shame hasn’t stopped artists from creating naked images or humankind from looking at them.

Maybe in our anything goes culture, fashion has evolved full circle. This pair of jeans depicts a naked couple and will fully cover your nakedness. Nothing to be ashamed of.